Monday, November 26, 2007

Quick Hello

Hello blogworld. It's been awhile. I just wanted to say hello and apologize for being mia these past few weeks. Laissezfaire was kind of enough to add me to her "blogs to watch" section, and I really wish I had some new stuff to post about. In case you're wondering, my life has been fairly routine. So routine in fact, here is my latest meal, just about as boring as they come.I'd like to be back in to the blogging shortly. After my finals are over I will return!! I really do miss you all!


laissezfaire said...

hey Laura, good luck for your finals and hope to have you back in blogland soon!! =)

Blythe said...
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ma vie en rose said...

I was glad to see your posts today! Best of luck with your finals...I myself am in the throes of grad school apps which are due in the next couple of weeks. Haven't been posting much either. I love your new boots, though!