Monday, November 12, 2007

Better Wall

This is cool. Limited edition museum posters available at Better Wall. They are pricey, but how fun would it be to hang one of these say, in your dining room, or above the bed?


Anonymous said...

Hey Laura,
Thanks for posting to my Pay It Forward post. I am going to knit you a scarf...any color you would like? I am heading to Acardia Knitting this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Duh! I didn't even check the link of the person who was posting. I just figured that it would be you.


jessica said...

I love the Dada posters from that time frame.

Anonymous said...

i love the poster!

laissezfaire said...

hey laura, I am putting you on laissezfaire's new blog watch this week! Have a good week ahead! =))