Wednesday, January 9, 2008


These dresses are dangerous! Found through shopmyclosetblog, Grey Ant has some fancy stuff. I would love to wear one of these for a New Year's Eve Party, wouldn't you?


d said...

sure, if the party was being held in a brothel.

LauraB said...

d why so surly?

Joanna Goddard said...

very pretty. (d is crazy.) i love the middle one. i just wish i could pull off that color! xo

Sarah said...

Hello Miss Laura!
How are you?
I have been such a bad blogger.
Now listen, I would like to send you that magazine from the give away on my blog you entered oh so long ago, so please let me know what mag you would like and I will be in touch for address etc!

barb michelen said...

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jaime said...

i just bought the dress on the right from! it's so cute... i'm so happy!