Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

I've resolved to do more cultural things in 2008. I'm going to start with the Art Institute in Chicago, which is currently exhibiting Girls on the Verge: Adolescence, a collection of photography portraying girls in those awkward years.--"Adolescent girls find themselves on the cusp between girl and woman, child and adult. It is a time of physical and emotional changes, of yearning for freedom while secretly cherishing constraints, of finding the pleasures as well as the terrors of one’s own appeal to the world."--
Reading the description of this exhibit got me thinking...The early-mid 20's are a lot like adolescence aren't they?
Picture from flickr.
Resolution #2: Make it through my 2nd adolescence with more grace and less drama than my 1st.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you post some pics from our adolescent years? Yikes!

karen c said...

Happy New Year!!

kara said...

my lord, I have a photo from eighth grade graduation that exactly mirrors the one up to. so awkward!

LauraB said...

Haha Kara, I have the exact same photos that I will never look at again. I've seen the exhibit now and it was just as nauseating!