Friday, June 29, 2007

Vintage Dresser #2: Wrong Price Right Size

Ugh. This is stressing me out, and for no good reason. I found this dresser, this time on NY Craigslist (the first one was from Chicago Craigslist). It is the perfect size, upright instead of long. But this one is $229, and I'd have to pay them to deliver it to me. Is that too much, especially since I have a free dresser waiting for me in Chicago if I want it?I'm just really anxious to own a real piece of furniture that's in a style I like. If I buy ONE nice thing for my new apartment I'll be happy.

After posting the dresser on top I did another quick NY Craigslist search and found this too!
Now I'm just getting crazy though, and convincing myself I'm willing to spend more than I really am. This one comes from Adams Unlimited and is $175.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vintage Dresser: Perfect Price, Wrong Size

I found this dresser on Craigslist today, and might be able to nab it for $150 which I think is a good price. It's exactly what I was looking for. The only problem is, it might be the wrong size. My new room in Chicago is going to be pretty small. Would it be worth it to grab this dresser and have a twin size bed? That's ridiculous right? But if I bought this it would constitue as my first REAL piece of furniture ever! The thought of that is so exciting...

Give Me the Beach and a Headscarf

I would trade places with any of these girls right now...hanging out in what looks like a well-powered air-conditioned room (had a blackout yesterday in my apartment), or skipping down the beach in a colorful headscarf.
I wish Trina Turk's clothing and bags weren't so expensive :(

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mexican Meal Monday

I think I'm up to cooking once a week. That's pretty bad huh, it should be more often. I made some dinner on Monday and the leftovers lasted until today. Here's my version of a Mexican meal, with chili-chicken, home-made guacamole, diced tomatoes, and yellow rice. After making it I realized my kitchen and my meal are quite similar. (That's the top of my stove)

Wedding Invitations and a Possible New Project

My Mom and I decided over the phone tonight that we would make my sister's wedding invitations. ( That ok Lee?) I don't think she knows what she wants just yet, but maybe I could help her figure that out. I started looking around online for ideas, and noticed that most invitations seem to look pretty similar no matter where they come from. What do you call this style, where it kind of looks stamped? Letterpress? I'm not sure. I don't even know how we'd achieve this style if we were to do it.

There is simple and organic:
There are frilly, corner, and side designs: Then there's bold, these two are my favorites, especilly the peacock:From top right to bottom left:
Two Paperdolls
Moontree Press
Lucky Paperie
One Blossom
Louella Press
[via Love Made Visible]

Ok Lee, start clicking around!

New Home, New Bedroom

I can't stop planning what my new bedroom will look like, even though I've never seen the place! Luckily my roomates are moving in July 1st and are sending me pictures. Yay!

So here's my plan so far. My mom is allowing me to take the antique dresser that's in my bedroom at my parent's house which is great!
(It looks just like one I found on google shown below) But I'm trying to stear clear of the room looking overly "antiquey", and a little more modern. I'm thinking I can achieve this by mixing graphic designs (wallpaper headboard, pillows, turquoise and red prints) with more feminime ones (Dkhim prints from Etsy, stencilled lamp, drawer pulls) How'd I do? What should I change?

Erica Weiner Jewelry

I really love simple gold necklaces that resemble charm bracelets. The first necklace like this that I wore I had given to myself as a reward for finally finding a job the summer I decided to stay in New York City during college, instead of living at home with parents. (That's not to say my parents weren't seriously helping me out, but at least I was working) But it must have fallen off, because one day the necklace was just gone. Shortly after losing the necklace, I received a beautiful gold chain, with little concentric gold circles as a pendant, from a certain gentleman for graduation. Sadly the clasp broke and I'm afraid to wear it thinking it could just slip off like the first one did.

I know it's just jewelry, but I place a lot of sentimental value into each piece of jewelry I own, and feel sad when it disappears or breaks.
These are just perfect, and at very reasonable prices. Sea Monster (bottom right) is my favorite.
By Erica Weiner. Prices range from $35-$100
[via Notcot]

Monday, June 25, 2007

Art by Me

I suffer from a little bit of stagefright and am attempting to overcome it. I think I'm going to share some of my own art more regularly on this blog. It feels kind of good to draw something and let it be free of my sketchbook!
"Retired Flapper"Inspired by Anne Chovie "Feminime Charms" from Domino

CloseYour Curtains

On my way home from the gym I stopped by Housing Works Thrift Shop and found some cute stuff. At first I thought these binoculars weren't working.But then I realized it pops open, and closes when you're ready to store it in your pocket for being a stealthy spy. My name is Laura and I am a peepaholic. Seriously. And now I'm a superstylish one :)I also bought this little silvery tray for $1. (The binocs. were $8)


I don't know when it happened, but I have become fascinated by jellyfish. Something about their bulbous top halves and their spindly bottoms is really intriguing. It seems some artists feel the same way, and I've started to notice a trend.From top right to bottom left: Yellena, Flirt, Melissa Amos Echno print, Jess Gonacha Jelly fish, Sub Studio desing Wabilus membranicarium

Hey, wouldn't these 2 prints look really nice together? I'd like to frame them both in sort of old-looking blonde wood frames.
Red print from Etsy seller Vanillabug (aka blogger Tummy-ache) who I've posted on before.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Ideas from Blueprint

I am feeling conflicted. I really love the bright color combinations used in these rooms and could very easily use this scheme in my new bedroom once I move. I already have a lot of red and blue bedroom things, and it's close to what my room looks like now. But..I also really like the neutral colors and simplicity of the image below. I am going to attempt this style of wallpaper headboard. I love that it doesn't take up any room, and is completely customizable. If only there were a way to incorporate both into one room.

Weekend Fun: Rooftops and Blueprints

I went to another rooftop party this weekend, this time close to Times Square. The view was so cool, and it was so bright from 42nd street lights that there was no need for lights on the roof. Though I am not a fan of this area of NYC, being so high above it all felt was really fun!

Also got a chance to catch up on my magazines, including Blueprint which I've been meaning to read for awhile now. I have so many new ideas for my new bedroom!

Art by Jess Gonacha

Blogger and Etsy store owner Jess Gonacha has some new prints in her shop. I really love her art, and the way each of her pieces looks like a totally different style from the others. Here are a few of my favorites. Check out her blog Treasuring here, and her Etsy store here.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Wary Meyers Crest

Did you know that Wary Meyers, aside from being magnificent designer/decorators, also design personalized crests? These are so cool. I especially like the black and white one. It looks like couples told them all the little details about their lives ad they worked them into the "crest". My sister is getting married next year, maybe she should think of something like this for her invitation.

Mid Century Teak Daybed

Don't even ask me what I was doing checking out the Apartmenttherapy's San Francisco Craigslist Scavenger. But I found this Mid Century Modern daybed and realllly like it. I would cover the cushions in something a little more bright and exciting, but the shape of this thing is really cool. Ah...real furniture....

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Urban Outfitters Brights

Got an e-mail from Urban Outfitters today about their brightly colored items. Some pretty cool stuff including really pretty shoes, and some fun shades.
Speaking of 80s Shades, I happened to find this picture of my sister and me from the 80s. If she read this blog regularly she might kill me for posting this picture of her, with her hair in its full mullet glory. I'm the one with the 'fro.

The Runners Up

Here are two completely different ideas I have for my header (which I am now set on changing) one of which I am currently displaying. Please let me know what you think.

#1 or...


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Quel Objet

I think that means "what objects"? Either way, they do have some objects. Found this espresso set from Quel Objet via Altruism in the Morning.Some of their other kitchen and table accessories are really cute, like these wicker glass sleeves and tea towels.

A Strange Thing

I just had the strangest thing happen. I had mentioned how cute I thought Hayden-Harnett coin purses are on Oh Joy. Then Joy wrote me back (from Oh Joy!) and said that Anthropologie had similar ones, and were less expensive. So I had one tab open in my Firefox for Anthro., and another for perusing my blog list which had become cluttered in my e-mail. And then all of a sudden, I see on Oh Happy Day (a great new to me blog) the same thing I'm looking at on Anthropologie's site. Weird.I think this means I'm spending too much time on the internet...should probably be working more. So back to work, but only after this...a few more images from Oh Happy Day, because her blog has some great stuff.

Hayden-Harnett Summer Tote

On Oh Joy this morning there was a post about Hayden-Harnett, which I'd never heard of. It's located in Brooklyn, has a variety of really cute items, and is actually having a really great sale right now. I encourage you to check out their trenchcoats, really cute!

When I was in Chicago last weekend I realized I didn't have a beach bag, or a summer tote. My mom pulled out every bag she has stored in basement for me to peruse before my trip to the beach. She had a gigantic Costco canvas tote, an even bigger plaid mesh tote that could fit maybe an 1980's size computer in it, and a laptop case that has my name on it. Not many stylish options there but "You'll be saving at least $20 Laura!" said Mom.

More like saving $78 because I'm about to buy a new bag, sorry mom. Oh but which color...
Bags from Hayden-Harnett.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I Love Painting Furniture and So Does She

On Decor8 today there was a post about AB Chao whose house was shown on Apartmenttherapy house tours. I loved her yellow Ikea desk, remember? Well she has a really pretty flickr photo stream I just strolled through. Turns out she's a gardener, expert pedicurist, has really great shoes, and loves to paint furniture! So she and I have at least one thing in common. Here are some of my favorite shots. I love finding Flickr members whose photos make you so envious to the point of inspiration. MUST-PAINT-FURNITURE-SOON....

From Chicago

I had such a good time back in Chicago. Here are some shots of my trip to give you a sense of what I did when I was there. I even allowed myself to be in a picture.
Gave Jack some love, hung out at my sister's place which has awesome skyline views, got rained on while at the beach, took a walk around the Loop, had a midnight snack with my mom, hung out with "the boys" cut short for the warm months, they look ridiculous.Had my dad's annual smoked ribs which are soooo good, saw a park by my sister's new place, picked flowers from my mom's garden for a center piece, ate a HUGE meal with plastic cups for water, saw a VW Pigmobile.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Back For A Minute

Some of you left some really sweet messages about my having emotional and work problems and I really appreciate it. Really. It's nice to get some feedback on the non artistic aspects of life sometimes.

Now, back to the fun stuff. After being in Chicago for a few days (one extra day now because my flight got cancelled. Gotta love O'hare airport) I feel rejuvenated, and have so many great pictures to share when I have a chance to upload them. For now, here are some beautiful flowers my mom grew in our back yard. She is really something. Poppies are now my favorite flower. The peonie below is ok too.
Oh, I almost fogot to mention the plague that is going on out here. The cicadas, which come out every 17 years (what an odd number) are EVERYWHERE. They attach to you as you walk, they follow you in to the car, and my dad thinks it's funny to pick them up and let them fly out at me. They scream when they fly!