Monday, April 30, 2007

Playing Dollhouse with Cocosho

How cute is this dresser with this duvet cover? Sometimes I feel like I'm just playing dollhouse, mixing and matching things I'll never own in a real physical form. Maybe that's just part of the process of finding a design style and figuring out what works. This is still a little new to me.Birds on a Wire Duvet $255, from
Dresser from Bel Air Apt, $498

Other items from Cocosho, they sell clothes and jewelery too
Ships with lace pillowcase, $50
Magazine rack, $104
Twig Necklace, $32

Thumbtack Press Prints by Gianluca Foli

These prints are so cool. I've known about them for awhile and really love Foli's style. This little red bird shows up in the cutest places too.

Available at Thumbtack Press, images via Gianluca Foli


Sometimes my work day is really slow. That's one of the things about blogging I really enjoy, the fact that during these slow times I'm not just aimlessly surfing the web looking for cute pictures of puppies, or cats being vaccuumed on Utube, as I used to do. :)

But lately I've been really busy. Good news: the day goes by faster. Bad news: less blogging. A lot of the blogs I read are run by artists, designers and people who don't have office jobs. Sooo jealous. I wonder how many others there are like me who blog in their downtime at work...

When and how do you find time to blog? I am curious to know.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Handmade Clutches on Etsy

I've been meaning to buy a clutch for spring. Here are some cute (and inexpensive) options. I'm not positive they are exactly my style, pretty much every bag I own is dark brown leather, but I do find these patterns to be really pretty and sort of unexpected for a clutch. What do you think?

From the Lonely Octopus on Etsy. Each clutch is only $12.50, nice!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Thomas Paul Silk Pillows

Ok, inspiration has temporarily returned. SFgirlbybay posted today on some really pretty plates from Velocity Art & Design. My first instinct when I first see websites like these is to go to the sale section, because I can't really afford a $580 print...and look what I found! I'm going to buy the red one...It's $45. Each of these is on sale for either $55.50 or $45. Made from silk.

Looking For Inspiration

I don't know if it's the rain, or the fact that I don't have a single weekend plan yet, or what, but I'm feeling generally unmotivated. This might be a cop out of a blog post, but I googled the word "inspiration" and found some very different pieces of photography and paintings. It's an interesting thought that inspiration comes in many mediums.

Botricelli's "Spring", fitting for a rainy April day.

This one's kind of creepy I think, from titled "Inspiration"

Inspiration Peak , not quite sure where this place is located...
The Inspiration of Prometheus. Apparently someone has started a very abstract philosophical movement based off of Prometheus, from Greek mythology, who stole fire from the Gods to give to the people and was thus punished eternally by Zeus...the internet is full of strangeness. (If you're curious click above, I am not affiliated with this group of Promethians in any way)

I saved the best for last, this painting is called "Taking a Break From Inspiration". from the Ro Gallery in New York (which is fun to browse around). Perfectly sums up my state of mind.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cigarette Packaging from Designboom

Designboom's history section can be a little'll want to know the history of everything before you know it. This one I find particularly fascinating, and I kind of want to make these into art, though I'm not sure how.

I guess when cigarettes were more acceptable, cigarette packaging design was much like magazine cover design. Companies had to deal with shelf clutter and getting noticed. Plus, smokers tend to discard their packs when finished, so the packaging was a high visibility item or "badge product". Around the world companies were competing to make the most inticing package design for their cigarettes...though I'm not a smoker, I am inticed!

Anyone know how I could print these out somehow and use them as art?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pesto and Scallops

So I've been trying to cook more often, whipped this one up last night. Pesto sauce on scallops, with haricot verts and diced tomatoes and pine nuts on the side.

The before: I can never seem to keep it clean while I'm cooking, can you tell I have no counter space? Gotta love NYC kitchens.
And my meal...

Scallops are really easy to make, who knew. You pan sear them for about 3 minutes on each side until they are golden-brown. If you're interested in my pesto recipe, just ask! It's great with pasta too, obviously.

Macbeth Collection

Macbeth is by far my favorite Shakespeare play. I remember reading it when I was 12 or 13 and finally understanding the meaning of irony. It's dark and sinister, and even a little bit scary for a younger girl. (all that stabbing and blood on the hands) Nothing at like this assortment of containers and bins, from Macbeth Collection...
Prices are not bad either, file folders are $18 for a pack of 12, the trinket tray for cellphones and keys is $30

Via Design*Sponge I encountered Theire website looks like a magazine, and it is so fun to browse through. The editors have an eye for fashionable eco-friendly products that range from clothing and shoes, to home decor, to beauty products. Much of it is très cher so I did some digging and here are my favorite items for (mostly) under $100. Every single one of these is made from either recycled or recyclable items. (Who knew that bamboo was one of the most re-usable products out there?)
Gwendolyn Davis Cuff Bracelet, $45
Big Lug tote, Mad Imports, $75
Ananas Bag (converts to clutch!), $275 :(
Ginger Memento Boxed Note Cards, $14.50
Gwendolyn Davis ring (it's hard to tell that it's a ring but this is my favorite thing I found), $55
Sarah Cihat rehabilitated plates, so cool, $35-$59, buy them at

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Scott Sanders

Ok, so in magazines celebrities are always being asked to define their style. Somehow they always come up with the perfect answers like, "Oh I'm a eclectic, I love to mix and match vintage pieces with trendy accessories." or "I like classic styles with bold accents." or silly things like that that never really make any sense.

Well, I've been trying to define my own style for some time, mainly just as a guide for myself to figure out what to buy, what to keep lusting for, and what to simply let be.

Enter Scott Sanders...I saw these pictures via Fashion Spinach (I've been on the blog hunt these days) and realized instantly that these were something that fit my style. Now, whether or not I'd decorate my own room in this fashion remains unknown. But I do like...

A beachy room that doesn't incorporate light blue and beadboard.

Vintage colors that are not dated
Crisp lines and bright colors

I'm going to keep these in mind as I proceed in my design/fashion future.

Customize Your Own Shoes

I came across Petticoat, an online fashion boutique via Spray Glue. The clothes are really cute and colorful, and they have a customize your own pump section as well. While this is a really awesome idea, it is not exactly practical considering the price. But fun to think about nonetheless...

Screenshot of website, with color swatches below of fabrics you can use to make your shoes!
Or you could just head over to Steve Madden. So many options they're practically customizable, and much much cheaper.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Inspirational Design

Things you put up around the home, or use every day don't have to just appeal to your aesthetic senses. They can also make you feel happy, make you feel at home, make you feel inspired...they can even make you feel thin! Here's what I mean...

I'm noticing a lot of items out there that are made to make you laugh or smile. Basically they're made to make you feel better about yourself.

Inspirational paperweight
$36 from Fixture Home.

This mirror starts rattling off compliments with "Oh how beautiful you are!" (and for only $100, cheaper than a boyfriend who doesn't notice a new shirt, or haircut)

A scale from the Angry Store, for 35 euros that tells you which celebrity you "weigh like"...I feel like 0 should read Nicole Richie.

Your door will welcome you home. (for $24 from Urban Outfitters)

Simply Photos

Browing through Etsy, I found Photobird of Simply Photos. These photographs are so simple and pretty. I love the subdued colors or each, with a splash of something bright. My mom actually takes photographs a lot like these. Maybe I'll post some of her photos and see what people think, if they are "Etsy-worthy" :)


Design Mind, an interesting new (to me) blog posted on Environment 337, a Brooklyn based store started by 2 friends whose original business idea was to start a dog-walking company. Good thing they nixed that idea! Here are a few fun items they have that are totallly original and I have yet to see elsewhere.
Glasses are $50 for a set of 4, Animal pillows are $48 each, Weak at the Knees crazy toys $10, Block Prints set of 6 $42 (can be framed or used as greeting cards).

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Just a quick note about spring cleaning: cats are no help. You just have to work around them...

PS: If you keep clothes in a wardrobe, sweater boxes and drawer dividers are a great way to keep items separated.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Artsy Walls

Why do I love this wall so much? I think it looks like something from Decor8's posting about art walls. It's from Reform School's website. Wish they had a shop in NY or an online store, this place looks so cool. I think I really should start buying more prints/artwork instead of just blogging about it...

New Finds, New Questions

I don't know why I've been obsessing about my bedroom lately. Maybe because I feel like my living room is too much to tackle. But anyways, I found these items which I would love to incorporate somehow. Urban Outfitters has been my go-to resource for cool-looking but cheap items, but I'm wondering if maybe I would be better off waiting A: until I move to buy new furniture and B: if I should just go out and find "real" vintage, as opposed to fake.

When in your life is it time to buy real furniture? I've been wondering this a lot lately.
This is sort of random, but I really love this Brocade Home mirror and somehow, I think it would go with one of these tables. Am I way off?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

More John Derian via Auto Home

Apartmenttherapy is giving me all sorts of fun ideas today. I found more John Derian on Auto Home's website (originally posted by A.T.) This time, some of these pieces are actually in my price range which is cool. Look at what they have to offer...these are all plates and trays between $74-$165.
PS: I'm still working on a decoupage project of my own, hopefully with some help from a real artist :)

Absoluut Etsy

So it looks like everyone and their Mom knows about Absoluut seller on Etsy, but it's new to me. I'm on a pillow kick, and these are like the ones I bought from Urban Outfitters, but way cooler because they don't come from Urban Outfitters. $25 each, and made from vintage fabric, so pretty.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Site Design

I keep checking back to SiteDesign's website to see if they are selling things there yet. Nothing is for sale yet on their website, but I did find these pictures of their lovely store which I have yet to visit. The yellow cart with turquoise cups makes me think of summery drinks, and entertaining.

Original post about Site Design